Record Sales After a DOUBLED Conversion Rate

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Web Design

What was wrong

Planswift already had a massive market presence, and had a respectable conversion rate on their home page. The software itself was strong. It was easy to use, and whenever people tried it, they’d really end up enjoying it. They approached us to redesign their aging website and see if there were any improvements able to be made.

What we did

After conducting our review process (looking at the product, their existing website, and their marketing strategy), we built Planswift a whole new conversion-focused website, designed to get visitors to try the software. See, we knew they had an amazing rate of people purchasing after trialing it, and we knew that there was definitely room to improve their conversion rate. So the new site was solely focused on showing people how easy the software was to use, and making the process of signing up easy too.

What happened next

The team at Planswift saw an immediate up-tick in conversions. Their analytics showed their conversion rate doubling! This led to a record breaking sales month after only two weeks!

What the client said

We have never had this many sign ups, we are all flat out every day handling all the new sales. It’s great!

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