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Ready for Change

Enter PlanSwift, the heavyweight in "take off and estimating" software, beloved by construction professionals for swapping paper chaos for digital order. Despite its solid standing and loyal user base, PlanSwift faced a dilemma: a website that was, well, just okay. It was like that reliable old tool you've had forever—it does the job, but deep down, you know there's something better out there. The sense was, without a shake-up, they were inching backward rather than leaping forward.

Recognizing the need for a drastic change, PlanSwift decided it wasn't enough to just tweak and tune. No, this called for a bold move: a complete website overhaul. Imagine tearing down an outdated, but familiar, building to erect a modern marvel in its place. That was our plan for PlanSwift's digital home—a total demolition of the old to make way for a website that was not just new, but revolutionary.

What we did

Armed with a vision for the future, we crafted a website that was a beacon of intuitiveness, clarity, and engagement. Every pixel, every line of copy, was designed with one goal in mind: to showcase PlanSwift's unmatched value to its visitors. This wasn't just a facelift; it was a rebirth. We built a digital space that welcomed users with open arms, guiding them seamlessly from curious clickers to convinced customers.

Doubling Down on Conversions

The impact? Astounding. PlanSwift's new digital digs didn't just catch the eye—it caught the market by storm. Conversion rates didn't just inch up; they soared, doubling in the wake of the website's relaunch. It was as if PlanSwift had been handed a megaphone in a crowded room, finally commanding the attention its software deserved.

The transformation of PlanSwift's website is a testament to the power of embracing change. It's a story of how taking a leap of faith, of being willing to part with the familiar in pursuit of greatness, can pay dividends. The new website wasn't just a change of scenery; it was a strategic move that redefined PlanSwift's trajectory, propelling it from a state of stagnation to unprecedented growth.