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Website Maintenance

Your Website's Digital TLC

The Lowdown of Care

Think of your website as a digital dynamo, buzzing with code that keeps everything running smoothly. But just like any superhero, this code needs a bit of upkeep to stay in tip-top shape. Updates come rolling in – sometimes to patch up security chinks in the armor, sometimes to sprinkle in new features, or just to keep up with the digital Joneses.

Without a little love and care, your site might as well roll out the welcome mat for digital troublemakers (yep, we're talking hackers).


Average seconds between hacks


Records stolen per second!


Websites with a vulnerability

Protection Time

Enter our Website Care Plans – your website’s personal bodyguard, tech support, and fairy godparent rolled into one. Not only do we keep your site's tech fresher than the morning breeze at Bondi, but we also back up your data, keep a watchful eye on security, and suit up with layers of protection faster than you can say "shield."

But wait, there’s more! Each care plan comes with a shiny support allowance. Want to tweak some text? Switch some content around? Consider it done. No need for you to dive into the backend of your site with a how-to manual. You keep your business soaring, and we’ll ensure your digital nest is cozy, secure, and sparkling.

In short: You do you, and leave the website wizardry to us.

Pick Your Potion

Diving into the digital realm without a care plan is like surfing without a board – possible, but why would you? Our care plans are concocted to keep your website riding the waves with grace, speed, and, most importantly, safety.
Essentials Plan
Premium website hosting
Daily backups
Weekly updates
Weekly security scans
Malware removal
Uptime monitoring
Firewall protection
Quarterly minor content edits
$187 p/month
Advantage Plan
Everything in Essentials, plus:

Speed Optimisation
Global CDN
Monthly Minor Content Edits
$330 p/month
Pinnacle Plan
Everything in Advantage, plus:

Daily Security Scans
Weekly Minor Content Edits
$770 p/month
Just a heads up: Bigger or more intricate sites (think e-Commerce, or membership sites) might need a bit more TLC, and thus, might come with a few extra costs for keeping them in tip-top shape. Don't worry, though – if your digital domain is in this category, we'll give you a heads-up about any additional charges before we start your care plan.